How to search and browse the database

To find translational parameters of individual genes choose an organism of interest by clicking the links at the top of the home page. The list of all analyzed genes with their descriptions will be displayed. The list may be browsed or searched by a query engine placed at the top of the page. Perform simple searches by typing a single gene name (e.g. ``YAL002'' for yeast database), or a key word (e.g. ``dehydrogenase'') in the query window.

More complicated queries, combining few gene names, key words, or translational parameters' values are also possible. From the drop-down menu choose a gene's attribute and place the searched value in the window on the right. The available attributes are: gene IDs, gene descriptions or any of translational parameters calculated in the model. Searched value could be: a gene ID (for searches among gene names and IDs), a word (for searches among gene descriptions), or a number (if you are looking for a particular value of a parameter of interest). To precise your query, choose the appropriate range operator from the menu in the middle. Button ``New'' moves the searching phrase into the query window, and ``Search'' runs the query. Separate queries can be combined by logical operators ``And'' and ``Or'' which should be clicked instead of ``New'' when the subsequent part of a query is added.

Search results are listed below the query window and their number is displayed on the right. By clicking ``View'' you can go to the results page of an individual gene, which consists of a list of all calculated translational parameters and an interactive simulation of translation.